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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A "Cure" for Obesity?

Fat fish put obesity on the hook They're doing research to see if they can find a link between obesity in fish and obesity in humans. I understand where they're coming from, they need to find another reason for the rising obesity rates over the last few years. The real reason is out there, but corporate America and the food manufacturers don't want to let anyone know the real reason. They'd lose money. The best thing for losing weight? Stay away from overprocessed foods. Nabisco would lose money. Partially hydrogenated vegetable oil? Bad for you. High fructose corn syrup? Another we should stay away from. The big corporations are making big bucks with these chemically altered imitation food ingredients. Those same corporations are great about advertising how well they treat their employees. Ask the employees. The most important thing to these corporations is the money they're bringing in making America fat. Making the world fat. It's not just Americans any more, you go on any diet website and you'll find members from Germany, New Zealand, even China. Dieting and weight loss are big business. They get us coming and going. They make the bad food that gets us to gain weight. How many of these same companies turn around and market "diet" meals?